DIY Summer Ice Cream Bar

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Summer Ice Cream BarDIY ice cream bars are a fun and easy answer to entertaining this summer. Not only do they allow friends and family to make their favorite ice cream creations, but a simple ice cream bar is sure to let you enjoy your gathering without the hassle. If you’re trying to escape the heat, host a summer barbecue, or craving a frozen dessert, look no further.

Pick your Ice Cream:

These days there are so many frozen treats to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an ice cream that’s made with organic ingredients, a non-dairy alternative made from coconut or a traditional fresh-churned vanilla, you’re sure to find an ice cream you can enjoy while shopping at Sprouts.

Choose your Toppings:


When it comes to toppings for your ice cream bar, the Sprouts Bulk Department just can’t be beat. We have hundreds of bins and barrels brimming with scoopable goodies. For a decadent ice cream bar, snag a bag of dark chocolate covered blueberries or milk chocolate toffee. If you want to give your guests a taste of traditional sundaes, grab a scoop of roasted peanuts or pecan pieces. See all the choices the Bulk Department has to offer.


We promise there’s nothing tastier than fresh produce with your bowl of ice cream. This summer you can find mountains of fresh produce to pair with the perfect frozen creation: sweet peaches, tangy cherries, juicy plums … strawberries, blueberries, blackberries … bananas, pineapples … need we go on?


Every good ice cream bar needs a few special toppings. Browse through our grocery aisles and you’ll find a few goodies you can’t leave without. Here are a few treats to help inspire your DIY ice cream bar.

  • Sprouts Shredded Coconut – Pairs well with banana, dried mangos, macadamia nuts and a scoop of Talenti’s Caribbean Coconut Gelato.
  • Sprouts Old-Fashioned Vanilla Wafers – Pairs well with raspberries, glazed pecans and a scoop of Halo Top Lemon Cake Ice Cream.
  • Sprouts Snickerdoodles Pairs well with peaches, caramel sauce, butter toffee peanuts and a scoop of High Road Bourbon Burnt Sugar Ice Cream.
  • Sprouts Toffee Sea Salt Bar – Pairs well with fresh cherries, roasted almonds and a scoop of Three Twins Chocolate Orange Confetti Ice Cream.

Set the Table:

Now that you have the perfect treats for your ice cream bar, why not snazzy up your table? Stout mason jars can be transformed to make the perfect sundae bowls and small metal pails are ideal containers to hold ice cream bar toppings. No matter your style, and whatever flavors you favor, get creative and enjoy!