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CoffeeFlour™ is a new super-ingredient made from the fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. Coffee fruit is a byproduct of coffee production and each year billions of pounds of it are discarded or, to a lesser degree, composted into fertilizer. Rather than leaving this fruit to rot in heaps or be dumped into rivers and other water sources, CoffeeFlour™ converts it into flour for baking, cooking, crafting chocolate and making beverages. The result? An incredibly nutritious and distinctly flavorful ingredient with notes of floral, citrus and roasted fruit. It’s also gluten-free, high in fiber, a good source of potassium and depending on the serving size, can boost a product’s iron, protein and antioxidant count. From breads and cookies to muffins and brownies, it helps to give treats something special without a coffee taste. Thanks to an exclusive Sprouts partnership, you can now try treats made with CoffeeFlour™ at all of our locations. People, Planet, Profit CoffeeFlour™ stands on the belief that it’s possible to make use of something otherwise treated as waste. In addition to the environmental and nutritional benefits of CoffeeFlour™, the company also creates additional jobs at the source in order to mill and process the fruit. They see it as an important part of their mission to provide an additional revenue stream for coffee farmers. Their goal is to create enough demand to diversify the farmer’s revenue stream, create more jobs and generate a positive impact for the coffee industry as a whole. To learn more about their story, visit them at  
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