Fun Foods to Grill

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Grilling season is here! With nice weather, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors and share unique and fun meals with friends and family. Summer barbecues and outdoor dinners are known to feature yummy dishes with that one-of-a-kind smoky flavor. While you can never go wrong with classic cuts of meat, sometimes it’s fun to give your go-to barbecue meal a refresh. Fire up the grill and get ready to try something new! foods to grill


While we all know that we should be getting our daily dose of nutrient-dense produce, there’s no need to feel limited by the same old salads! Throwing peak-season veggies on the grill isn’t just a kind gesture to vegetarians at barbecues, but something everyone can enjoy. Discover the best vegetables to grill in summer. Sweeten it up! Fruits like peaches and plums can be sliced in half and laid directly on the grill for about 2–3 minutes. Top with ice cream and cinnamon for a sweet treat or drizzle with balsamic vinegar for something savory!

How to Cook Pizza on the Grill

No outdoor brick oven? No problem. Learn how to make crustless pizza with a few healthy updates.

Classic Pizza

If the crust is your favorite part of the pizza, try using premade dough and a few simple tips for a fresh take on this culinary classic. Using premade dough, brush both sides with olive oil. Prep your grill and place the dough on the grates. Cook until the top of the dough begins to bubble and the underside is lightly brown. Flip the crust to lightly brown the other side and add your favorite toppings. Continue to heat for 2–3 minutes until cheese is melted. Enjoy!

Classic Grill-Out Offerings

If you’re someone who stands by the belief that all great grill-outs start by picking and offering perfect cuts of meat, we’ve got you covered. Learn about the best cuts of meat for brisket, prime rib and more!!