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Created out of purpose and passion, we knew there was something deliciously different about this coconut water—and their mission. Founded in 2007, C2O began with the desire to find better tasting coconuts without the need for artificial flavors, sweeteners or additives. Since its inception, C2O has grown to be much more than a beverage company and has made great strides to transform the lives of all who are involved. Sourced from 100% natural, fresh-water coconuts from the inland soils of Thailand, C2O has taken great care in selecting their coconuts to ensure the highest quality and sweeter taste are delivered in every experience. The coconuts are grown and hand-picked on family-run farms using age-old practices that combine the right amount of art and science. Understanding the importance of the region, C2O is fully invested in sustaining the agriculture of Thailand and encouraging the success of the farmers. Since 2008, they have helped hundreds of farmers out of poverty through development of a co-op, began a recycling program that builds desks for local schools using the waste from their tetrapak line, and continue to invest in research and development of the region. Never forgetting about their home town, C2O strives to always make an impact in their own backyard. They donate quarterly to the Long Beach Rescue Mission and spend time building homes with Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, more than $100,000 in product was donated to California Fire and Police departments in 2017. C2O is coconut water in its purest form.
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