Bluehouse Salmon

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Bluehouse Salmon

Meet Bluehouse Salmon

There’s something in the water—and it’s happening on land! Bluehouse Salmon is changing how salmon is being raised with earth-friendly practices. Bluehouses do for salmon, what greenhouses do for vegetation; they provide an ideal environment for salmon to thrive. Bluehouse salmon are provided waters with the perfect current, temperature, and salinity for health and well-being at each stage of growth. The culmination of environmental factors and care, means a naturally delicious salmon, every time.

Bluehouse salmon are also raised without antibiotics and added hormones. Raising salmon with clean practices also means a cleaner ocean for everyone!

When you choose Bluehouse Salmon, you’re supporting:
  • Recycled water
  • Reduction of microplastics
  • Eco-conscious workstreams

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