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Alaffia School Kids in Togo Meaning a state of peace, health, and well-being, the word alaffia is a common greeting that originates from central Togo, Benin and Nigeria. It’s a fitting name for the organization that grew out of the 1996 meeting of a young man, Olowo-n’djo Tchala, from Togo, West Africa, and Peace Corps Volunteer, Prairie Rose Hyde, from Washington State. Founded in 2003, Alaffia grew out of a shared calling to do right by the world.

A Purchase That Makes a Difference

Alaffia body, face and hair products are made with authentically sourced, nutrient-rich shea and coconut butters—traditional West African ingredients. Through the Alaffia Foundation, sales help to fund programs that empower communities throughout Togo—your purchase helps improve living conditions and supports an end to poverty.
Alaffia School Room

Throughout the month of June, five percent of all Alaffia purchases will help build two schools in Togo.