2018 Food Trends

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Look for continued growth of these popular food products in 2018:

Powdered Peanut Butter

Just add water to this version of peanut butter that has been dehydrated of oil, thereby making it drastically lower in fat and calories.

Packet Foods

Convenience meets health food with packaged portions of products like fruits and yogurt.

Maca Powder

This small turnip-like root from the mountains of Peru is believed to give a burst of energy and is full of beneficial minerals.

Kefir and Low-Sugar Yogurts

These fermented foods contain live active cultures known as probiotics, the good bacteria that can improve digestion, reduce inflammation, enhance immunity and increase absorption of nutrients.

Ancient Grains

So-called “ancient” grains like quinoa, freekeh, millet, faro and einkorn are high in both fiber and mineral content. Create your own blends by mixing them together.