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Healthy Choices

Tasty Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Make breakfast in a snap with recipes inspired by your Thanksgiving leftovers!

Comparing 13 Cooking Oils

Go drilling for oil information, as offer up reviews on more than a dozen different kinds of cooking oils.

The Hunt for Hidden Sugar

Learn how to avoid the gift of girth this holiday season by reducing added sugar in your diet.

Opal Apple

Bright and tasty, Opal apples are deliciously different.

It’s Good to Meet You

Good Karma Foods isn’t just a name, it’s inspiration for everything that Good Karma does.

My Gosh—It’s Winter Squash!

Year-round, squash are known to make appearances in classic meals. With this winter fruit in hand, you can build meals that satisfy both comfort food cravings and healthy-eating aspirations.

Dairy-Free Family Dinners in a Snap

Whether following a dairy-free lifestyle or just looking to change things up, we've put together dinner options that are sure to please.

DIY Nut Butters

Taking a creative approach and catering to your preferences is a benefit of this DIY, so don’t be afraid to think outside the jar!

10 Healthy & Easy Gifts in a Jar

Here are 10 gift ideas to consider next time you stop in Sprouts … And all you need to start is an empty mason jar or the recycled glass jar of your liking.

The Natural Citizen

The Natural Citizen believes in real clean, real simple, real food nutrition.

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