What makes The Butcher Shop at Sprouts so special?

Sprouts combines quality sourcing, variety and old-world butchers handiwork to provide an outstanding product at a great value. The Butcher Shop at Sprouts features all-natural, always fresh, never frozen beef, chicken, pork and lamb. Our meat is prepared to exacting specifications by trained butchers in every store who use exclusive techniques to produce the perfect cut. Most supermarkets cut corners in one of these areas, but not Sprouts. We run our meat department the way they did in the olden days because we know how good it can be when things are done right. We offer USDA Choice Natural Beef because it’s more flavorful than the beef found in so many other stores. To qualify as a Butcher Shop beef supplier, ranches must meet Sprouts’ natural standards before being considered, including sound animal husbandry techniques, corn-and-grain or grass-fed diets that are tested for pesticide residues, and zero growth hormones and antibiotics.