What is a Checkout Challenge and how do I activate it?

Sprouts “Checkout Challenges” unlock special reward coupons. Each challenge requires you to earn a specific number of checkmarks to unlock your reward. This can be done in a single transaction or through multiple transactions. To activate “Checkout Challenges” on sprouts.com, click “WAYS TO SAVE” in the top navigation menu. On the Sprouts app, tap on “myBarcode” and then select the “Checkout Challenges” badge to view the available challenges. Select the challenge you would like to start by clicking on the “Activate” button. With the new sprouts.com and the Sprouts app, when you complete a checkout challenge, your reward coupon is automatically clipped. Your free item coupon will be available in your “Digital Coupons” located under “WAYS TO SAVE” on sprouts.com or the “Digital Coupon” icon on the Sprouts app. Your reward can be used during the same transaction by scanning your “myBarcode” on your smartphone or provide your preferred phone number during checkout for instant savings!