How do I place a catering order on or the Sprouts app?

To place an order on you must be logged into your Sprouts account. Once you are logged in, click “Shop Now” and select “Place a Catering Order for Pickup.” Next, browse through the items that are available for ordering at the location you selected. Once you’ve chosen your items and quantities, click “Add to Cart.” You may add notes for the store, update your order, or simply checkout from the cart page. At checkout, you may confirm your pick-up location, enter your pick-up time and add your contact information. Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation number on the screen and through email for your reference. Payment for all catering orders is accepted at the store at the time of pickup and checkout. To place an order on the Sprouts app, simply tap on the navigation menu and select “Shopping Options.” Then tap “Place a Catering Order for Pickup.” Here, you will be asked to confirm your store location and “Reserve Pickup Time” in order to select from the catering options available at your local Sprouts store. Once you have completed your catering order, you may browse products available in your store again by tapping the navigation menu and selecting “Shopping Options.” From there, select “Shopping List.” This will allow you to view every item available and on sale at your local store.