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Grill Better with the Best!


Roast with the Most

What makes Sprouts' beef the best choice? Our USDA Choice beef is restaurant quality, at a fraction of the price.

We offer top quality, always fresh, never frozen, vegetarian-fed beef that truly is better than widely sourced conventional beef in taste, texture and tenderness. This is due in large part to our beef supply. Our partner ranchers in Arizona raise USDA Choice and Prime grade beef exclusively for Sprouts, working hard to meet our high standards.

Since our cattle is purebred, our beef has a pure and consistent texture and is naturally more tender. In fact, tests completed by the Center for Meat Safety and Quality at Colorado State University showed that our beef outperformed beef bought elsewhere in all sensory attributes. Results showed our beef rated 28 percent higher in flavor, 15 percent higher in tenderness and cooked 20 percent faster than competitors, while maintaining its superior quality.

Sprouts' beef truly is a cut above the rest!

Always Fresh, Never Frozen.

More tender, juicy and flavorful than the rest.

Restaurant quality at a fraction of the price.

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