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Weeks Honey Farm

Weeks Honey Farm

Founded by Flaval G. and Margaret Weeks in the early 1960s, Weeks Honey Farm has grown over four generations and continues to be a family-owned and community-minded business.

Weeks Honey Farm has 5,000 hives that produce several varieties of strained—not filtered—honey which helps maintain the honey's valuable nutrients.

Don't wait another day... or week!

Bring home the delicious taste of Weeks Honey in Buckwheat, Gallberry, Orange Blossom, Wildflower and Clover—you'll want to try them all!

Video Description: Video Description: How does Weeks Honey make such a delicious honey? Simple … it’s not what they do, it’s what they don’t do! They handle the honey with love to keep it as close to it’s natural state as possible. To learn more about Weeks Honey visit their website at

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