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Coffee Bar

Sprouts Market Corner Coffee

Freshly brewed coffee and tea as you please!

Now at select neighborhood Sprouts, you can order a coffee-shop-quality cup of joe, hot or iced and just the way you like in the Market Corner Deli! We offer a complete menu of organic coffee creations, including cappuccinos, mochas and flavored lattes. And that’s not all… We serve up freshly brewed, organic hot or iced teas, too!

From shade-grown, fair-trade and air-roasted beans to milk, creamers, non-dairy alternatives, flavorings and sweeteners, we’re proud to serve up a 100% USDA Organic Certified product, at a deal worth waking up for!

Why shade-grown and air-roasted coffee beans?


Growing coffee plants under a canopy of trees is a practice that goes a long way in supporting biodiversity. This sustainable approach, known as “shade grown,” not only helps to prevent deforestation, it also protects wildlife habitats.


In order to give our coffee its unique flair, coffee beans are poured into a specialized drum and lifted onto a bed of hot air.  The beans are roasted as they move through a heated air current.  The process prevents the bean from becoming bitter and burned. Instead, the final product is an evenly roasted bean.

Give it a shot! You’ll like it a latte!

Available at participating locations. To see if it’s at your neighborhood store, check the list of services offered at our different locations here.

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