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Annie’s Bunny Tails

Annie's Bunny Butts Macaroni and Cheese

Annie’s Organic Bunny Tails with Butter and Parmesan began as an April Fools’ Day joke. Facebook fans were greeted with a fake new product announcement that read, “Introducing our cheekiest mac and cheese yet! Fannie’s Bunny Butts in Butter Sauce!”

However in one day, Annie's Facebook page received more than 10,000 likes for the product and nearly 800 people left messages. Due to popular demand, the next day Annie’s announced, “It started off as a joke. But our fans were 100 percent serious. You asked for it, we’re making it happen…no butts about it. Coming soon to a store near you!”

The bunny tail shape celebrates Annie’s “rabbit of approval” Bernie, who was Annie’s pet Dutch rabbit and represents the simplicity, care and goodness in all of Annie’s products. The box explains “Sure, he’s got a cute face. But let’s face it, his derrière is even cuter!”

Don’t wait to pick up a box! Annie’s Bunny Tails are certified organic and contain no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives. When you enjoy the bunny tails, you can be sure you’re getting “nothing BUTT goodness.”

Video Description: For April Fools Day, Annie’s played a joke on their customers with an imagined product called “Bunny Tails” macaroni and cheese. Little did Annie’s know, fans would fall in love with this made up snack. What once was the butt of a joke can now be dinner!

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