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November 2016 New for You

November New Items

New items are always sprouting up at your local Sprouts each month. Here are just a few new items you can find during your next shopping adventure. Availability may vary by location.


Just in time for the holidays, enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with two new diffusers from Aura Cacia.  Choose the new Ultrasonic diffuser to disperse a cool, fine mist of your favorite essential oils and water or go compact with a convenient USB version to use at home or in the office.

It’s easy to care for yourself and others with nine new essential oil blends from Aura Cacia, specially crafted for Hair, Face, and Nails. Find a variety of DIY recipes in-store and online which include shampoos, facial masks, scrubs, serums and more.

Freshen up your home and spirit with four new essential oil blends which can be used to create a variety of your very own cleaners, polishes, detergents and more.


For a good night’s rest, make an easy drink mix with Sleep Nighttime Powder from youtheory. The combination of calming magnesium, relaxing amino acids, and micro-dose melatonin offers the possibility of a deeper and more refreshing sleep.*


Looking to incorporate something new?  Try Sprouts frozen Naan Bread. With a subtle, smoky taste from the Tandoor oven, our authentic Naan makes the perfect accompaniment to any Indian meal.  Use it as a flatbread for sandwiches or the perfect pizza base.


Sprouts hand-crafted cranberry sauce is sure to be a crowd-pleaser this holiday season. Get creative with this seasonal superfruit sauce and use it to top pancakes, yogurt parfaits or bake into scrumptious cranberry muffins.

Get ready for a decadent and delightful holiday! There are so many tempting Sprouts Brand holiday treats for gifting, stashing in your pantry or sharing with guests at your holiday gatherings. Choose from Candy Cane Herbal Tea, Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Marshmallows, or Iced Gingerbread Cookies, there is something for everyone!


Check out a new type of flour that's better for everyone – Coffee Flour. Now available in scoopable form in the Bulk Department, Coffee Flour is a sustainable and nutritious alternative. It's a versatile ingredient with a floral and roasted fruit taste that works great in breads, cookies, brownies and even pasta!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your physician or other healthcare professional for personalized care.

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